Multimedia Projects

This page features multimedia projects that I have worked on. I enjoy all aspects of communication and believe visual and audio formats allow others to immerse themselves in the content they are learning about. As a result, I have taken on a few passion projects that allowed me to tell stories in a dynamic and compelling way. 

Below, I have a few samples of my multimedia involvements. Please feel free to explore this section of my work and contact me below for further inquiries. 

This past summer, I helped create a short film about former NHL player and current director of the Korean Hockey League, Jim Paek. After interviewing him, I wrote a script and worked with editors and videographers to create a feature package. The finished package details how he overcame adversity as the first Korean-born hockey player in the U.S., and how it led him to win the Stanley Cup and eventually lead the Korean Hockey League.

Smoothie expert and professional chef combine their talents in a fun and playful cooking segment for fellow food lovers. 

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