About Me

Over the last few years, I have been lucky to write for an eclectic range of publications in a wide array of styles. I am always eager to use language as an avenue to explore new ideas and outlooks, and am thrilled to gather these writing samples into one space.

At my core though, I am a storyteller. I feel passionately about producing and telling stories in a dynamic and compelling way. I enjoy educating others on important updates, informing the public on intriguing developments and creating content in a way that opens the door for new perspectives and ideas.

This portfolio features my news writing, copywriting, editing experience, academic essays and multimedia projects. Recently, I have enjoyed writing about topics in the health, wellness, and psychology realm. Feel free to glance through my work by clicking on the sidebar and browsing through the different pages.

I hope my various selections of media samples can serve as an inspiration to viewers and a helpful guide to future employers. If you would like to get in touch with me or offer any feedback, please use the “Contact Me” page in the sidebar to write me a note, and I’ll send an email response promptly.