The Forgery That Outwitted the Nazis

There is a satisfying component to watching a con man pull off a successful trick—it requires a level of skill, cunning, and oftentimes a motive that others can empathize with. Films like Ocean’s 11 continue to dazzle audiences with endless remakes. Anna Delvey, who made her big break by convincing New York’s elite that she was a German heiress, is only the latest, real life iteration of this sensationalized duality. Despite being on house arrest, she’s locked in a new reality series and continues to reap the rewards of her Netflix dramatization, Inventing Anna.

6 Female Architects Advocating for Sustainability in Design

Women comprise less than a quarter of the architecture field. As the opportunity to achieve notable success and recognition as architects remains arduous, it becomes all the more monumental when they do. This women’s history month, CULTURED is spotlighting female architects who have not only climbed through the ranks of their industry but have used their accomplishments to improve the discipline itself and the world, too.