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EZPT is a physical fitness app that gives users audiovisual feedback on their form as they workout. As a blog writer for EZPT, I help increase traction for the app and website by writing about health and wellness subjects that incorporate the benefits of using EZPT.

Slow Your Aging Process With These Three Simple Habits

In 2022, it seems like just about anything is possible. The kind of technology and medicine we have access to today can even make us feel invincible at times. When it comes to health though, there are timeless practices that you should continue regardless of your age, experience, or current state of wellness. Here are three simple ways to promote a longer life span and a lifestyle that allows you to feel the best you can.

Three Reasons You Should Start Yoga

If you sometimes feel like everyone and their mom is obsessed with yoga, you may be right. Whether it’s beginner’s yoga or hot yoga, there’s a wide range of styles and a growing population of individuals who practice it. Believe it or not, though, this sport isn’t just a trendy activity following the health and wellness kick of the last few years. Yoga goes way back. How Far Back Does Yoga Go? While yoga has become increasingly popular in the last decade, this meditative physical activity has