This page features academic work that I completed in my college career. Some of these essays analyze specific literary texts, while others portray comprehensive assessments of political topics and philosophies.

Pitt Political Science Department Changes

(This piece includes original reporting) Pitt's Political Science department finally implemented changes in the major's requirements after several years of discussion. This change is initiated in response to a growing shift in career paths from Pitt’s political science graduates. Whereas two-thirds of Pitt’s political science majors used to go to law school, the majority of those students now seek careers in policy and office. The new analytical approach aims to better prepare students for a more eclectic range of politically oriented careers.

Female Power Plays In Male Dominated Fields

(This piece includes original reporting) While women have certainly advanced their position in the workplace, they still remain outnumbered by least ​20%​, and up to 35%, in fields like finance, surgery, engineering and computer technology. Not only does this disproportion lessen the chance that women will get hired and ​promoted​, but it widens the gender wage ​gap​ and leads to sexual ​harassment​ in the workplace. In addition to these hardships, the competitive atmosphere of these environments tends to brew similar discrimination towards women ​by women, ​which feels equally, if not more, discouraging. Unfortunately, the prominent gender gap makes this kind of discirmination just as prevalent.

A Philosophical Approach to Transboundary Pollution

This essay offers a thorough breakdown of the global issue of transboundary pollution through a philosophical lens on justice. After assessing the history and data surrounding the issue, I use philosopher, Thomas Pogge's argument towards approaching transcontinental poverty in, "Global Justice". This theory combined with technical routes towards solving the issue is used to form an argument towards reducing and eventually eradicating transboundary pollution.

A Response to Okin's Philosophy on Justice

This essay is a response to Susan Moller Okin's, "Justice, Gender, and the Family", a philosophical approach to achieving justice. In this paper I address Okin's flaw in critiquing women that abide to traditional gender roles, and concluding to abolish gender as a term. Not only does this minimize women who take on these traditional roles and create a generative narrative, but it fails to tackle the issue of inequality and injustice in the workforce.

Affirmative Action In Fisher V. University of Texas

This essay is a comprehensive analysis on the 2013 Supreme Court decision in Fisher V. University of Texas. This not only assesses the constitutionality of the court's decision, but brings to light similar cases such as, Washington V. Davis (1976), Regents of the University of California V. Bakke (1978), and Gratz V. Bollinger (2003). After assessing the judicial precedents and modern implementation of the laws pertaining to affirmative action, I argue for the repeal of the court's decision because of its promotion for racial bias and reverse discrimination.